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Singapore's Leading Awning, Canopy & Roller Blinds Specialists

Singapore's Leading Awning, Canopy, Sunshade & Roller Blinds Specialists

I was looking around for roller blinds for my home. I was recommended by my colleague Irene who installed their curtains and blinds by Awnings.com.sg. They did a very efficient job and i am very happy with their service. Keep up the good work guys. I will surely recommend them to anyone who wants to install blinds for their home.
Mr Steve Ong (Seng Kang)
Why Choose Us To Supply & Install your Home & Office Awning, Canopy & Roller Blinds?
Why Choose Us As Your Supplier?

Finding the most suitable awnings, canopies and blinds in Singapore requires you to do a careful consideration so that you land your hands on the most suitable awnings supplier. Awnings, blinds and canopies play significant roles in our home. They provide shade by preventing rain and sun rays from penetrating into the house. Therefore, they have to be installed and fit perfectly to address their purpose, otherwise wrongly fitted blinds, canopies and awnings will not serve you as you want. This calls for you to find a blinds supplier who will provide the exact products you want and fit them perfectly to meet your needs.

If you are in Singapore and you are ready to enjoy the services of a reputable awnings supplier, there are so many reasons you need to consider us, Awnings in Singapore. Take a look at why you should choose us as your awnings supplier.

We provide a wide variety of products and services.

We have a lot in store for our esteemed customers. You could find that what you consider as best awnings, canopies or blinds are not what another customers consider to be the best. This therefore requires you to rely on an awnings supplier who can identify themselves with your exact needs and deliver appropriately. That company is Awnings in Singapore, we can satisfy your needs and touch every unique aspect of your requirements.

· If you are looking for products such as canopies, window awnings and sun shades which range from metallic, dome, fabric and many other options, then we have all that in our awnings collection.

· We understand that you may be faced with unique challenges and needs and you would want to have the best products to meet your specific needs perfectly.

· This is advantageous to you as a customer as you will find the products you require under one roof. This saves you the hassle of moving from one store to another trying to find the different products you are looking for.

· Just from a single store, you will be able to get the chance to have a look at the different products plus any other related products which can blend well with your home décor.

We have tons of experience in supplying awning products and services.

We can comfortably say that we have all it takes to trade in awnings, blinds and canopies.

· Our team is massively experienced and dynamic and it takes pride in being able to provide exceptional services which can fit your needs and blend with your home décor.

· The training our team undergoes is exceptional and therefore assuring you that all your different awnings needs are going to be met perfectly and elegantly.

We deliver the finest quality.

If you have a look at the canopies, blinds and awnings used on several buildings in Singapore, you will realize that not all of them are pleasing you. This is tells you that not all blinds supplier are able to meet your quality requirements and hence the need to consider the best awnings supplier to give you the best services and products.

· At Awnings in Singapore, we know that everyone would be pleased with high quality awnings, which is why we invest a lot of time in coming up with quality products to meet your needs.

· We understand that nobody wants to go to awnings or blinds supplier repeatedly to buy the same product they bought before because the quality was poor, that is why we deliver elegant quality to save you from the wastage of time and money.

· If you are looking for a blinds supplier with the finest quality, then we got your back. Our services are breathtaking and elegant, beating many other awnings suppliers in the region.

· Our diversity in the services and products we offer can help you to get exactly what you want- unique and excellent quality.

· When providing our awnings to you, we always ensure that they of accurate and correct measurements.

· Another thing you can be sure with us is that we never change or redo our products just to ensure that you get the finest product from us.

Tremendous market reputation is our pride.

Our extremely good reputation in Singapore tells it all. What makes us take pride in excellent reputation?

· You will be able to enjoy good customer service from our team.

· You will be able to get the comfort, hospitality and the attention you deserve. With our comely support team, your needs will be listened to and dealt with appropriately. This will definitely make you feel comfortable working with us.

· To cater for all your needs adequately, we have standardized our products and hence you can count us on reliability in meeting different needs.

· For a reputable canopy supplier, you need to look for one whose prices are reasonable, can be trusted and with no hidden charges. This is exactly what Awnings in Singapore offer plus free quotations for our customers.

You will get enjoy quantity discounts.

Who wouldn’t be happy to get extremely good services and products plus amazing discounts?

· Discounts are available for you if you make sales reaching certain levels.

· This helps you to save more money from your purchases while at the same time getting high quality services and products.

· If you save money on awnings, you can use it on other construction aspects requiring huge expenditure.

· It feels good therefore to pay less, save some cash on awnings and enjoy high quality services from us.

We deliver timely.

You can choose us if you are looking for blinds, awnings and canopy supplier who delivers timely. You have so many things to worry about, but do not let canopies, awnings or blinds worry you.

· We deliver your orders on time to save you from inconveniences. With timely delivery, we are sure you are able to plan and carry out your projects to completion according to your schedule.

· We have put up well-structures supply services to enable us meet your delivery schedules timely.

· With utmost attention and care, we can assure you of proper handling of your orders. This means that your orders are delivered to you at a good state.
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