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5 Worst Mistakes People Make When Installing Awning

One of the things that serve more purpose than just adding glamour to the home are the awnings. They will help to block the direct sunlight from entering the house through the window. The awnings also act as a d├ęcor to the exterior of the house. The problem that many people face is when they want to install the awnings in their homes. Most of these problems are made because the people handling these awnings have less experience. Here are some of the mistakes made when one is installing awnings in their home:

Installing Awning

1. Using The Wrong Measurements

When taking the measurements, here is where many people make the mistake. To begin with, the problem starts when the wrong measuring tools are used, you will not get the exact units. The perfect measuring tool that you should use is a tape measure, which should have clear units on it. It is recommended to start measuring the height of the window or the door. When you have measured the height, you can then measure the width. Even though the awning will not drop down along the height of the window or door, it is vital to know, so that the awning can cover the area with its shadow. Most of the awnings will be recorded in terms of the height and the width. When you have the measurements of your window and door, you will be sure of finding and installing the right awning.

2. Choosing The Wrong Awning

You might use the awning on your doors, on the window or out in the patio, depending on your preference. When you are installing the awning, you should keep in mind that there are the retractable awnings and the fixed awnings. There are those that you can fix on your garden, on the patio or on the door. Every awning you choose will have a different material that is used. Some will be strong enough in the direct sunlight or on a stormy day. If you are sure of a sturdy awning that can last longer, you can go for the fixed awning, but if you are afraid of the constant harsh weather, the retractable awning will be the perfect choice. Also, go for the awning that has a matching color theme with the surrounding. If your patio has a particular color theme, then you should go for that particular color when installing the awning.

3. Generalizing The Windows, Doors And Patios

Your home will have different areas that will need the awnings installed, the patio will need a different style and size of the awning. The doors and windows will also need specific awnings when you are installing them. Too many people buy random awnings, believing that all the windows and doors in the house will have the same size. Even though the doors and windows might seem to be equal, it is always advised to measure them and be sure of their sizes, before proceeding to any other thing. If you have two patios, do not buy similar awnings and ignore that they will fit in all the patios. There are some awnings a that are specifically meant for the windows, for that, be careful as you are installing them. Also, some awnings are basically meant for the doors, so that will need you to install the right type and size of the awnings at the right place.

Installing Awning

4. Putting More Focus On The Price

Another common mistake that is made when installing the awnings is when people put more focus on the prices of the particular awnings. The price is not such an important factor as other aspects are. Many people go for the cheapest material and types of awning, believing that they will serve a more reliable service. On the contrary, there are some awnings that are cheap, but they have more maintenance costs, which makes you spend too much.

Your focus should not be more on the costs of the awnings, rather, you should focus on whether the awning will be a reliable accessory to use or not. There are the cotton based awnings and the synthetic awnings, for that, consider choosing the one that can serve you better. It is not bad to choose a less costly awning, but consider the quality, the delivery and the durability. When you have these in mind, you will be sure of installing the right awning in your home.

5. Lack Of Contacting An Expert

Another mistake that people make, which is also quite common when they are installing the awning is that they fail to contact a professional. The process of installing the awning can be somewhat tedious and unless you have a professional to take care of it, you might not install them as required. When you contact an expert, you will not have to worry about getting the right measurements of your door, windows or patio. The professional will be equipped with the right tools for measuring, they will have the right tools to install the awnings and they will also know the right procedure to install it.

Most of the people do not know how to install their awnings and even if they attempt to install them, they do it the wrong way, mostly because they lack the right tools. If the door or window is raised, a ladder will be needed to install that awning. If there is no ladder to reach the right height to fix the awning, it might not protect the interior of the house as expected. The installation of the awning is quite challenging, especially if one doesn't have the know-how. However, with the help of a professional company, you will be sure of having your awning fixed in the right manner. You will also be provided with ideas of the best awning to install.

Generally, you must ensure that you follow the right procedure when you are installing your awnings. Never purchase your awnings before you measure the place that it will be installed. When you have the right measurement, ensure that you choose the right awning that will fit the place perfectly. However, for the sake of a perfect installation, always contact an expert to install the awnings for you.


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