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Choosing The Right Awning Design in Singapore

Awnings are popular in Singapore for its frequently changing weather, normally featured with enormous heat due to brightly shining sun. While deciding about awning design you will have to consider the frequency of its use for your home. They are available in fixed and retractable designs, from which you can choose as per your requirements. Most of the people choose for removable awnings as they can be retracted when not needed and can be fixed again as per their requirements. There are several other factors that help in deciding the design of your awning in Singapore. Brief information in this regard is provided hereunder.

 How To Choose The Right Awning Design?

Choosing the right awning design
Before choosing the awning design for your home you should have brief information about awnings. Awnings are used not only to provide you shade but also an additional space near your home to relax there at the time of brightly shining sun or rain. You can entertain your guests, friends and family in this area alongwith enjoying the openness of the environment. Moreover it also protects your furniture and other belongings from getting faded due to overexposure to sun rays.

Awnings are used not only for domestic use but also for businesses to attract customers through their artistic looks. They provide a gracefully projected space to your shop or restaurant through their colorful appearance and attractive shapes. Moreover you can save the consumption of energy upto 20% by fixing it on the window of your room where you run your air conditioner as it blocks the penetrating solar radiations. After knowing all these benefits you can easily decide for your awning design by considering following factors. 

Location of the awning- Location is one of the most important factors that help in deciding your awning design.
Retractable awning is the best choice for you if you want to use it on your patio or porch to control the light to enter into your shaded space. Moreover it provides you flexibility to use it as you can retract it when not in use. The additional space provided by this type of awning allows you not to spend on constructing a permanent structure for this purpose. Fixed awning is suitable for you if you are planning to place it on the doors, entryways or windows. These locations need permanent coverage all the time to protect not only their wooden structure but also the furniture inside the room from sun rays. Moreover you can also keep your doors and windows open on bright sunny or rainy days with their help.

Choice of colors for awning
While deciding about the awning design its color plays great role. You will have to focus on its effect on the appearance of your house. Some people choose the blending colors and pattern of their awnings to match with the color of their building to give it harmonious look. Lighter colors are also preferred by some people, if they use their awning to block the sunlight as they reflect it effectively. You can also use colorful awning at your place if you want to make it the point of focus for your it.

Materials for awning
Materials of the awning are also among the important factors while deciding the awning design for you place. Normally awnings in Singapore are made of acrylic, mesh, fabric, polycarbonate, aluminum and resin. Though you can provide varied look to your place by using fabric awning as they are available in different styles and colors but you will have to care for them constantly. Aluminum awnings, on the other hand, are considered to be most appropriate for rainy and winter season. You should choose the material for your awnings in Singapore according to the weather you want to use them in. 

Style of the awning
Awnings are available in various styles in Singapore to choose for your place. Dome style, semi circular style, and traditional straight-edged style are some of the popularly used styles of awnings in Singapore. Scalloped, serpentine and ocean wave are some of the other edge style usually opted by people while deciding their awning design. 

Thus you should consider the suitability of the awning to your place while deciding for your awning design. 


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