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How to Pick Black Out Shades for Home?

Because of its location, Singapore tends to be very hot especially in the summer. For those living their lives inside their condominiums, the natural thing to do is just lie on their couch while they watch their favorite TV shows or movies with their HD flatscreens. Switching the air-conditioning system on is what you might want to do in this case, but sometimes this may not be enough. This is where many Singaporeans resort to installing black out shades, not just to minimize the heat, but also to provide themselves a good shade and a more viable ambiance for relaxation.

How To Pick Black Out Shades For Your Home?


If you are among those who might not have a lot of time trying to pick out which black out shades to buy, then the easier choice for you is to get ready-made blinds. These are easily available in classy interior design stores. 


On another note, while you could certainly save some money, for the meticulous individual, the designs offered by these stores might not have the one that suits your preference. In such situation, you might want to consider having them tailor-made for your preference instead. Picking out your particular choice, on the other hand, is not only dependent on the style that you want. 


There are a few factors that would have to be kept in mind when you choose your black out shades. Aside from the style, you should also be mindful of why exactly do you want to install them. The most important thing for many Singaporeans, however, is keeping sunlight away from their rooms. This is especially true if you're a shift worker, or if you have a baby who can't easily sleep during the day. 


There are several types of black out shades that are available in the market. One of the most common among them is the vertical blind. Some might have blackout fabrics installed, but this might not be a good choice in general. On a good point, you can block the sunlight much better with such fabric. Vertical blinds are decent options if you are installing them in your office or living room. You can have maximum viewing pleasure with your HD TV whenever you are watching movies with this type of shade, and this certainly works for those who have home theater systems because sunlight will not be able to bounce off of your TV screens. 


If it is sunlight control that you prioritize, you could have Venetian blinds for your black out shades. You could control what exact angle sunlight would enter your room. The designs for this type of blinds are vast, which allows you to be as stylish as you want to be. A downside to this, however, is that Venetian blinds may not be tight enough to block out sunlight completely. Wooden Venetian blinds, in particular, are thicker in comparison to other types, which makes it even harder to block light coming from outside of your home.


One of the best options for your black out shades are Roman blinds. This holds a balance between style and functionality. Its lining, found behind the main fabric, gives that blackout function, which is why it it could be as stylish as you want whilst the main purpose of your blinds, which is to block sunlight, is unaffected. Light could hardly pass through your window because these could fit the tightest to the margin where your blinds are fitted.


Another option that you could go with for your black out shades is installing roller blinds. Black out roller blinds are most commonly used in auditoriums and conference rooms, but you could also have these installed in your living rooms depending on your preference. This maybe the best type to go with if you wish to enjoy watching movies in surround, because sound can hardly get out of the room, making for that movie house experience. 


Your decision in picking your black out shades for your home will ultimately depend on your primary purpose of installing them. There are a wide variety of designs that have been made available in the market, which include bamboo, natural grass, honeycomb, and aluminum blinds. These types of blinds differ not only in style, but also in cost. So primarily, you would have to set your budget before actually getting yourself in an interior design shop. Alternatively, you could browse the web and search a few online stores for the right style and design you think would give you the best mood for your home, whether you're living in a condominium or house.


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