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Most Common Types Of Awnings In Singapore

An awning is an additional structure, usually attached to the outer wall of a certain building. The texture of the awning differs a lot, depending on many factors like weather conditions, light tolerance or certain other preferences of the beneficiary. Normally, the awning's frame is made by aluminium, but sometimes, it's made by iron and steel. The canvas is made by a combination of polyester, acrylic and cotton, with coot or transparent material. An awning can be placed above a door, window or as a covering area for a sidewalk. The awning can be extended with some columns, so it can cover larger areas.

Most Common Types of Awnings in Singapore

The awning industry is becoming more and more profitable in Asian countries, and Singapore is the perfect example for that. If you visit this country, you will have the chance of noticing awnings at every step. Even if we're talking about personal residences or small business, they all have an awning at their doors or at the windows. Considering that Singapore has no winter, the awnings are not made to withstand snow, so their structure is lighter and more flexible.

One particular thing about Singapore's awnings is represented by the design. Most of them have decorative canvas, with multiple colors and interactive motifs. Apparently, this country sees the awning as a home accessory, which happens to come with some useful features. Even if Singapore is not known for its winters, the wind can be very intense here. That's why, most of the awnings are designed in a more flexible way, so they could withstand the impressive wind force. There are many other types of awnings, commonly used in Singapore and bellow, we will tell you more about them.

1) Retractable awnings

This type of awnings is probably the most popular and the most used device in Singapore. The whole structure is usually attached to a wall, with some steel screws. They are only used when the situation requires it and you can utilize them by simply extending the surface. The retractable awnings have multiple uses and they can cover even wider areas. They are the perfect device if you're planning to have a backyard picnic but it starts raining or the sun is too intense. Just extend the awning and you will obtain a mini tent with protection against any bad weather.

Most Common Types of Awnings in Singapore

2) Automatic awnings

The automatic awnings are generally used for windows. They are also designed as retractable devices, but as the name suggests it, they are 100% automatic. This type of awnings is usually remote operated, so whenever the owner feels the need of some shadow, he / she can extend the awning, from the comfort of its own home. The technology behind the automatic awnings improved over the years and now, most of them can be precisely adjusted, using some very accurate configurations. There are also "smart" awnings, which will automatically detect any bad weather condition and extend by themselves. These awnings work with some high-tech sensors and are usually more expensive then the regular ones.

3) Veranda awnings

As the name suggests it, these awnings are always mounted on the outside of the veranda or on the outside of a roof edge. They are mostly constructed so they could offer protection against the intense light and they can be adjusted, depending on the sun's position. Besides that, the veranda awnings can also be used as cover for a light rain and their structure will act as an umbrella, for whoever stays under it. These awnings are usually standard and most of them are not being operated using automatic features. Instead, they can be adjusted using a system of pulleys and ropes. Almost every small restaurant and cafe from Singapore has a veranda awning. Most of their clients prefer to serve their meals / drink their coffee outside, and the awning will keep the sun and rain away.

4) Fixed awnings

Even though they are called like that, they aren't entirely "fixed". These awnings come with some rails, which will be permanently attached to the wall. The rails can be observed, especially when the awning is retracted, and you can better understand how they work. When it's being extended, the awning will roll down on the rails, which are often put right in front of the windows. The awning will act like a curtain and will cover the window. Even though there are useless against rain, these awnings are extremely effective against the intense light, and this is actually their main purpose. The extension / retraction of the awning can be made using a standard mechanical method or an automatic one.

Most Common Types of Awnings in Singapore

5) Drop arm awnings

These are the most traditional awnings and they have been used in Singapore, for more than 200 years. Their design is simple and they are mainly used to shade a window. A lot of historical buildings in Singapore still have this type of awnings, but with a more traditional design and more weather resistant materials. For an increased sun protection, many producers create drop arm awnings with sides. However, the ones without sides are more flexible and they can be retracted or extended, using manual or automatic methods. Drop arm awnings are considered one of the most effective form of awnings. The houses that have them, benefit from a cooler environment, during a torrid day.

6) Freestanding awning

These awnings offer a great level of flexibility, because of their compact design. Their structure and the canvas can be mounted and dismounted as you like, and they are usually able to cover wide surfaces. They are normally used for outdoor activities, as a protection against rain, but they can also provide shadow in case of an intense sun. The frames are extremely flexible and they can be mounted in a matter of minutes, without too much of a hassle. Its position can be changed as well, depending on your certain outdoor activities. After you're done using it, you can just retract it back and store it where you like. It has a very compact design and it won't occupy much space.


As you can see, there are many types of awnings, available in Singapore. They all come with some unique features and they all provide a certain level of comfort. In case that you cannot decide what to choose, you can always work with professionals. They will be more than happy to assist you and to help you with this decision.



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