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What Awning Colors To Choose In 2018

People use awnings to enjoy under their shade during hot days of summer season, whether installed on the deck of your home or on the patio. They are also used not only to add style to the home but also to harmonize its architectural design. For this reason, while designing an awning for a home or a commercial building choosing their color is one of the most important decisions to be taken. Different architectural designs look better with different types of colors. So it becomes necessary to choose the color of awning very carefully, regardless of the type of awning you are going to install to give an outstanding look to your building in 2018. Some tips are provided here under to help you in choosing right awning color in the current year.

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Choose awning color suitable to design of your building

Main purpose of installing an awning is to enhance the architectural look of your building so its color should also highlight its style. If the style of your building is traditional then awnings of neutral colors, forest green and navy blue colors can be most suitable for them. But the awning with stripped design can be most suitable for a cottage style house. However, if your house is small in size then a pattern design that is neither too big nor too small can be the best choice for it. You can try terra cotta, beige or salmon colored awning if the exterior of your building is of southwestern style. But bright colors can be the best choice for contemporary houses. You can also choose awing fabric of solid color if your site several architectural elements like angled roofline etc. Light colored awning fabric can be most suitable for the awning on your patio or deck if you want to reduce the amount of heat under it as it will reflect the sunrays away from you.

Color of the building

While deciding awning color in 2018 you can also consider the color of the building you are going to install it on. If your home is tan colored then red, green or blue can be suitable color for your awning but if it is painted orange then blue color awning cannot be suitable for it. Similarly white colored house can be more compatible with yellow or red colored awning whereas for dark and light colored houses brown can be the best color for the fabric of an awning.

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Size of the home

The color and design of the awning fabric should not overpower your home or commercial building. So while choosing the color and pattern for your awning you should be careful. While choosing the awning color you should also keep in mind the purpose of using it. If you are using the awning for blocking light and heat of the sun then it is better to go for light colors so that instead of absorbing sun rays they can reflect them. Moreover you should choose the pattern on the awning fabric according to the shape and size of your house. It should not be too big or small in comparison to your building.

Which colors are likely to fade, more or less?

While choosing the color for your awning the next thing to be considered is the colors that can fade after their consistent exposure to sunlight. Though some colors may fade less and some more still it is necessary to choose the awning that could maintain its color for long time. Some colors fade a faster speed than others. Red color is more likely to fade than yellow, green and blue but they also fade a bit later than the former one as they can resist fading for a longer time.

Colors that can hide stains

Awnings are used outdoors so they are more likely to be dirty and stained after sometime. So while choosing the color of their fabric you should also consider the colors that can hide these stains effectively. Some colors like black can be the best in hiding various types of stains but it can also attract pet hair and dust. However it may not match suitably with the exterior of your building. Yellow color is also selected for awnings but it may not be suitable for outdoor awnings as it needs to be cleaned more frequently than others as it will show stains more prominently. Apart from black and yellow, you can also think about blue, red, brown or green colors for awning to make it almost stain free for long time.

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Consult a trusted professional

If you are unable to decide about the color of your awning in 2018 then you can consult an experienced and reputable awning installations services to have guidance in this regard. They can guide you to choose the awning color as the design and color of your building along with your concern about their staining and fading on the basis of their experiences. In fact, an awning is used to enhance the looks of the premise it is used in whether it is residential or commercial. So, if a color provides a cool looks to the exterior you home then it can be considered as the best for your awning. Some of the professional service providers also create and install awnings in various colors and designs from which you can choose as per your suitability and budget.


Thus, the information provided in this write-up can help you in choosing the color of your awning in 2018. In fact, choosing awning color is not an easy task as you have to consider various factors for this purpose. On one hand you will have to consider the style, size and shape of your house and on the other the capability of the color to resist fading and stain attracting properties. But even after considering all these factors you are not able to decide on this point then you can also consult a professional awning installation service to help you in this regard.



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