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Looking for Awning for your cafe or shop house? Love your neighbour's canopy design? Want to install roller blinds in your home or office? - Singapore #1 Awning, Canopies, Sunshade & Roller Blinds Specialists
I was searching around for a company tp supply and install awnings and canopy for my restaurant. I wanted a company which can print my company's logo on the retractable awning. They came down, took some measurement and send me a quotation via email. I am very impressed with their price and workmanship. Highly recommended company.
Shirley Lim (Clark Quay)
Your one stop solution for Awning, Canopy, Roofing & Roller Blinds
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Your one stop solution for all types Awning, Canopy, Roofing, Sunshade & Roller Blinds in Singapore

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Singapore's Leading Awning, Canopy & Roller Blinds Specialists

Singapore's Leading Awning, Canopy, Sunshade & Roller Blinds Specialists

I was looking around for roller blinds for my home. I was recommended by my colleague Irene who installed their curtains and blinds by They did a very efficient job and i am very happy with their service. Keep up the good work guys. I will surely recommend them to anyone who wants to install blinds for their home.
Mr Steve Ong (Seng Kang)
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