Looking for Awning, Sunshade, Canopy, Roofing or Blinds?

Shopping For Awnings, Sunshades, and Blinds

Shopping for the right roofing, awnings, blinds and canopies in Singapore can be a daunting task. They need to be made of the right material for durability, as well as serve the aesthetic purpose, so that they compliment or accentuate the main building and decor.

An awning is attached to the main roof or way of a building to provide a secondary roof. They are commonly placed on house openings like the door, and windows. Addition of columns to the awning makes it a canopy. Typical locations that use them include grocery stores, restaurants and even homes to extend the space or provide an extra shelter allowance.

An awning can either be permanent or retractable. Retractable types allow the owner to virtually control the weather. They can be pulled out when there are showers, and then retracted when the weather lightens up. The shelter is not just offered just under the canopy, they can also be used to control the temperature inside the building, particularly for a window awning. This helps protect the interior upholstery from fading under sunlight.

Recent awning designs have added accessories to further expand their uses. You can add on a screen to keep bugs off, lights to light up the space overnight, and side cuts to keep strong wind and mist off. 0ther varieties are also used to cover solar panels.

Also known as shades, blinds are either installed on the door and window. Their purpose is to offer a temporary form of covering and privacy from prying eyes. The various materials used to make blinds include wood, plastic, metal, and fabric. They are often cut in slates, such that by rotating them using a set system, they can either open or close by overlapping each other. Other types instead use a whole piece of material rather than the slates. The common types include vertical slates, horizontal slates, roman, honeycomb, shutters and roller blinds.

One of the major benefits of purchasing blinds is to keep off light from a room, thereby saving on air conditioning. Singapore weather is mostly hot throughout the year. By keeping out strong light that gets into a room, you can be able to reduce on air conditioning otherwise spent on cooling the room down. In the colder months too, they do help on keeping heat inside the room. Additionally, it helps keep the direct sunlight from fading the furniture and carpet in the room.

As the name suggests, sunshade serve the main purpose of keeping direct sunlight from an open space. They can either be used to cover an outside sitting area or a vehicle. They also come in either permanent or retractable types. The retractable type is mainly used for the window area, much like an awning would. They can either be electrically retracted or manually. The permanent types are mostly for those open spaces outside that are used often like barbecues, resting area and car parking.

The above items can be found in a roofing material store. When purchasing a whole set, or even individually, a reputable stockist should be able to take you through the motions easily. This includes consultation, measuring and fitting. The canopies, awnings, sunshade and blinds should of course accentuate the rest of the building or room décor. Most stockists have knowledge on interior design and will help you choose the correct material, size and colour. The advice the offer should of course be used to reinforce your initial need and preference.

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