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6 Benefits Of Motorized Retractable Awning

A motorized retractable awning would definitely be a great investment for homes or businesses in Singapore. With the city's climactic condition usually characterize by high humidity and uniform temperature ranging from 25-31 degree Celsius, installing this right at your patio or window to provide shade and protection from rain and sun exposure is definitely a wise investment option. Not only will this add aesthetic appeal to your home or establishment, it can also provide lasting benefits for you to enjoy. To give you an idea on why choosing automated ones are best, here are some of the top benefits that usually come with it.

Motorised Retractable Awning

1. Convenience and Ease of Use

A motorized retractable awning usually comes with a remote control. This enables a home- or business owner easy maneuvering from inside or outside the establishment. When the sun is at its peak or when an impending rain looms ahead, you can simply push a button on your remote to open up your awning and provide shade to your window, patio or open cafe space. Extending your outdoor living space no longer is as taxing as pulling out your owning. You can simply push and off it goes. It is easy, convenient and definitely less time consuming.

2. Smooth Docking

Manual retractable awnings are usually dependent on the pressure you exert when opening up. Frequent tug and pull can cause early dilapidation on your awnings. This is not the case with motorized ones. A motorized retractable awning is designed to open or close in a steady and perfectly measured manner to ensure full closure while protecting the docking system. Keep in mind that docking systems can be subjected to frequent wear and tear. With this controlled automation, you can guarantee well-rounded protection whether during opening or closing of your awnings.

3. Topnotch Fabric Protection

The fabric on your awnings can also be under stress and tension when opened or closed without control. Motorized retractable awnings solved these issues for you. Every release and closure ensures that tension and pressure on the fabric is just at the right level. You can guarantee a perfectly taut fabric each time you open giving it a much striking appearance and then, equally perfect rolling mechanism when drawn back upon closure.

4. Perfect Shut-Off Mechanism

How many times have you tried closing your awnings and no matter how you tried, it simply does not shut off perfectly. This is not the case with a motorized retractable awning. Designed to be sealed shut each time you close, you can guarantee that cassettes are kept tightly locked thereby ensuring safety even when you are not around. Its slow closing mechanism guarantee that interlocking system are in place and make certain that proper closure is achieved.

5. Complete Protection

New technology developments in motorized retractable awning also pave the way for a more tech-savvy protection mechanism. One can add sensors that will make automate awnings to retract during high wind situations or in cases when stormy weather occurs. This is even more important in Singapore where rains can be heavy and sun exposure can be too much.

6. Budget-Savvy

A motorized retractable awning contributes more to your energy savings. Initial cost may be higher than that of a manual one but long-term returns can deliver great savings on your energy consumption. With less time and effort allotted for opening or closing of your awnings, you can also save time and channel your efforts to more productive means.
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