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Awning Vs Canopy

Whether it is home or business, Singapore has a culture of decorating the surroundings. People of the country take décor as an integral part of their lives. People in this country decorate their homes. This indicates the taste and personality of the people basing on the way they decorate. To flaunt about their business standing, people decorate their business. They also believe that the decoration will enhance the environment qualities. This environment will motivate the workmen of the company. The same is true for your home. When you decorate your home properly, you feel like spending more time in your home. This fact goes by the simple principle of preferring a clean home to a dirty home. This is probably impossible for you to decorate your home or businesses without using canopy or awning. This article depicts various facts pertaining to canopy and awning. You can take it as a comparison article.


Functional aspects of awning and canopy

Both canopy and awning are used almost for the same purposes. These protect you and your home from ultraviolet radiation and rain. No doubt is there that both of these can be used as your roof. Apart from the functionality aspects of these, it is necessary to know where these can be used. For most of the people there is no distinction between these two. But these two are available in various sizes, styles and materials. These characteristics of these two make it difficult for the people to choose one for them.

Know-how about Awning
* Where to use it?

Think of a situation when you are in the middle of a party and suddenly it starts to rain. You have to interrupt your party. You have to stop the barbeque in the middle. Instead of outdoor arrangements, you have to resort to the indoor arrangements. Everybody likes outdoor arrangements far more than the indoor arrangements. If you have awning, you can spread that over your patio. With this, not only you will be able to sit in the patio but also you will be able to continue your barbeque party. This makes you home look far more beautiful than it was previously.

* How does it look like and what is its mechanism?

There can be different materials from which awning is made. Polyester, canvas, cotton and vinyl are some of the materials commonly used to make awning. These are generally attached to a metal frame. The metal frame is responsible for making the perfect projection of the awning. To retract the awning, the metal frame has levers.

* Why should you use awning?
1. Awning gives you much needed protection.

This can provide protection to your space at the outdoor. You can keep your furniture outside under awning. If you are using awning over your house, it is going to protect your windows, doors and furniture. This is going to protect you both from the sun and from the rain.

2. It helps you to reduce you power bills

When you use awning, you love sitting under it. There is generally no power connection under awning. Even if you have power connection under awning, you generally don’t need power at the day time at least. Most of the people have a habit of switching on the lights while they spend time inside their homes. This will certainly help you as you have to pay less money as electricity bills.

3. Awning gives you a permanent enjoyable place

Most of the people prefer the natural atmosphere. They like sitting under the sun. This may be possible for you if you have awning. You can use awning to spend quality time with you family and friends. You can arrange a party any moment whenever you are under an awning. This doesn’t make your home dirty because of huge gatherings. You can clean the place easily whenever you feel like doing so.


Is canopy comparable to awning?
* Where to use canopy?

Basing n the usage of the canopy, they can be categorized in two ways. The first type of canopy is generally used on the lawn or on the patio. The second type of canopy finds its usage n the walls and doors. The second type of canopy is pretty essential in terms of the structure that it provided to your building. Generally bricks and tiles are used to make this type of canopy. The first type of canopy is known as normal canopy. Like awning, it is made of materials like polyester, vinyl, canvass, and cotton.

* The mechanism employed for using canopy

Canopy, on the contrary finds its usage in large spaces. This is used when awning can’t be used. In fact, the space that canopy accommodates, awning can’t do that. These don’t need the support from the walls for being used. There are many reasons because of which these can be used where use of awning is difficult to realize. The structure of canopy includes pillars, mesh made of metal and fabric. You don’t need to be worried about using one suitable out of the two options that canopy gives you. You can easily decide upon seeing the place.

* Why should you use canopy?
1. Canopy gives you the royal feeling

From the time immemorial, it is known that kings got far more special treatments in comparison to their tenants. When you use canopy, you get the royal feeling same like a king. It is very large. It is spread over a very large area. You feel like enjoying your time the most while you are under canopy.

2. It gives you protection and satisfaction at the same time

Canopy comes with curtains in most of the cases. You can make your choices of having curtains installed so that you can prevent the mosquitoes from attacking you. At the same time, you can prefer the curtains to be made so that they can allow the airflow through that.

Final points

It is pretty clear that both canopy and awning have their own advantages and disadvantages. You may have the right points to decide the particular one that you are going to choose. If you fail to do so, you can take the help of the best service provider in Singapore.



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