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Folding Arm Awning VS Pergola Awnings

When you are thinking about making your yard, patio, or balcony more attractive, you ought to have thought about shade structures. They give your outdoors greater appeal as they add comfort and character. You are able to lounge outside without thinking about getting too much sun.


Having considered shade structures, you may have noticed that there are quite a number of shade options available to you. Two of these options are the folding arm awnings and the pergola awnings. It is wise to weigh the strengths of one awning against the other before you make up your mind. You will also do well to assess the pricing, longevity as well as curb appeal. This article is here to help you understand all there is to know of both these awnings.

· Folding Arm Awnings:

These awnings are also referred to as retractable awnings. Their shades are made from fabric which is water as well as UV resistant. The reason why this awning is called folding arm is because it has two arms which retract back into the structure they are installed on. This gives convenience as it allows you to keep the awnings safe. They come in a variety of customizable sizes, depending on your need.

· Pergola Awnings:

Pergola awnings are structures that are supported by four pillars. They have partial roofing which filters but allows bits of sun through. The shade of a pergola is similar to the shade of a tree. It is a solid and permanent structure. Pergolas come in a variety of materials which will be discussed below.

What Kind of Structure Are You Looking For?

These two structures offer a different appeal based on the materials that make them.

· Folding arm awnings consist of arms commonly made of aluminum. To offer mobility you will have steel cables built in. The awnings are made complete using a shade made of fabric. This fabric is water resistant offering protection from the rain. It is also UV resistant making it last long against the effects of the sun. The fabric comes in a delightful range of colors to choose from.

· Pergola awnings look like semi complete structures because of their partial roofing. They are also walk through as they only have the four pillars supporting the roofing. These structures offer ample shade from the sun while letting you enjoy a bit of it through the openings in the partial roofing.

Arm Awning

· Note that you will not get complete protection from the elements. This said, you will realize that a pergola awning is customizable to the size or shape you want it. This makes it versatile. Pergolas are made from a range of materials. Aluminum, pressure treated wood, cedar and fiberglass are some of these materials.

Can You Afford the Space?

· While a pergola awning has such a wonderful range of materials to choose from, it is not a structure that is mobile. It requires you to build it in one particular place and be content that it has taken over that space. Needless to say, it will give character to the space you install it on.

· Folding arm awnings, on the other hand, have the ability to be drawn back into the wall they are installed on. They offer good shade impermeable to the sun and rain, and can extend a good way out. These awnings are made with the option of being motorized or manual.

· Automatic awnings let you withdraw or extend the awning by remote control while manual ones require you to move them yourself. The beauty of these awnings is that they do not take up any functional space, meaning the space below them is completely free for habitation and activity.

Solid Structure over Retractable Structure

These two shade options offer two distinct structures to choose from.

· The pergola awning is a solid structure that offers you a durable and sturdy shade option. This means you will not need to invest in another shade structure soon or have to do much maintenance on it.

· In contrast, the folding arm awning has its shortcoming here. It is not able to withstand gusts of wind or much rain. It can flap in the wind, making for a somewhat noisy shade. To overcome this shortcoming, high standing folding arm awnings are made with wind and rain sensors. These sensors make them to automatically retract in order to protect themselves.

Pergola Awnings

Safety Considerations

· When you are considering the safety of a structure you are looking at its integrity against the elements. The pergola awnings offer you a solid structure with a porous roof. This means that it has minimal uplift and is able to resist the pull of any strong winds that tend to try and lift fully roofed structures.

· In comparison, as stated above, folding arm awnings are made to be able to retract in order to protect themselves from strong winds. Note that this is only possible with automatic retractable awnings. With manual ones, you will have to do the work of folding them.

The Pricing Consideration

When you consider these two shading options side to side, you will realize that they have both good and limiting points. Dependent on what you desire, you may find that the low points do not matter much to you as it meets your desires.
· When it comes to cost the best of folding arm awnings tend to be expensive. This is because you are paying for the automation and inbuilt sensors. You will also have to maintain the motor mechanism as well as the inbuilt sensors.

· With the pergola awnings, you have a choice of different materials to choose from that can fit your budget. They tend to be affordable within the variety of materials they offer. You should factor in that the pergola is a larger structure and therefore can have a higher price, dependent on the size you want.

· You can also customize your own roof on your pergola awning by planting climbing plants that will make your shade come alive in green foliage.

All in all, it all depends on what you are looking for, its affordability, as well as its functionality.



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