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How Do Roller Shades Work?

 Curtains and window blinds are the most common accessories that you place on your windows to provide privacy to your home and to block off the sunlight. Another option that you may want to try, though, are roller shades.

Roller shades are a little like curtains and blinds. They are similar to curtains because they are made of fabric, while they are also a bit similar to blinds because it has a roll up function so that you can conveniently let some sunshine in with a pull of a cord or a touch of a button. Using roller shades for your home in Singapore will add a touch of modern look in your home and give it a different style that curtains and ordinary blinds fail to achieve.

How Do Roller Shades Work?

There are basically two types of roller shades – the standard and the reverse roll system. These two differ in the way the fabric rolls off. With the standard roll system, the fabric rolls off at the back. This means that the fabric will hang closer to the window and the fabric roll at the top will be visible. In the reverse roll system, the fabric will roll in front, so it will hang slight away from the window but the roll will be covered by the fabric. Visually, the reverse roll system looks better because it is like a seamless fabric that covers the entire window. However, it cannot efficiently block off the sunlight.
Therefore, if you want better light control, go for a standard roll system and you can then place a cornice on top to hide the roll.

Roller shades can also be operated in two ways. It could either be motorized or it could use a continuous cord loop. With the former, you simply have to push a button in a remote control and the fabric will automatically roll up or down. The continuous cord loop, on the other hand, has a cord at the side, which you have you pull in a circular motion to bring the shade up and down. For smaller windows, a continuous cord loop will be sufficient, but large windows with large roller shades are best managed if they are motorized.

Aside from choosing between these systems and operations, you should also consider the fabric used in the roller shades. A light and thin fabric, for instance, will only offer minimal filtering of light. This is all right if you are using it in a room that would look better with some natural light in it, like in the kitchen or the living room in your home in Singapore. However, if you want more privacy, you should opt for thick and dark-colored fabrics that will really dim your room. This is perfect for your bedrooms and bathrooms. Usually the fabrics will be graded based on their opacity-levels. The sheer ones will let light in, while the most opaque will block off the light.

If you have standard-sized windows in your Singapore home, you can easily find roller shades that will fit them. Do not worry though if your windows have customized sizes because you can also easily have roller shades custom-built for them. Once you shift to roller shades, your home will be significantly more stylish and relaxing that you will be eager to come home every day.


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