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How Often Do You Need To Replace Awnings Fabrics In Singapore?

Singapore is an island country in Asia located near the equator that has been expanded over many years increasing its size hence its large population. The climate in Singapore is tropical rainforest meaning that the weather normally is warm and wet; there are no precise dry and wet seasons. The weather can be very unpredictable as the sun can be shining one minute then it rains the next. This has created the need to have awnings on the many buildings located in the country such as schools, homes, shops, restaurants, malls and offices so as to ensure a continuous flow of normal activities despite the weather.


More about awnings

Awnings are supplementary roofs or coverings added to the outside wall of a building. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the owner’s needs and preference. Traditionally, awnings were mostly made from wood; however, nowadays most awnings are made of materials that require less maintenance. Such materials include; acrylic canvas, cotton, metal, glass fiber among others. Outdoor awnings are usually made of relatively heavy material to withstand all weather conditions.

Why do people use awnings?

Awnings have become very popular in Singapore for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include the following;

• To provide shade.
Awnings are put on buildings to protect people, animals and property from the sun and the rain especially when outdoor activities are involved.

• To improve the appearance of a building.
Awnings can make a building more appealing to the eyes if the fabric used is of a unique design and an attractive color. For some buildings, the architectural design may be old but the awning gives it a modern touch.

• To expand living space.
Since there are many buildings in Singapore especially in the towns, it may be hard to get all the space you need to run a business efficiently. One may therefore opt to use awnings to increase space like for instance a restaurant may have customers eating outside under an awning.

• To reduce costs on energy
. The need to have an air conditioning system may not be necessary as with awnings there is free flow of air.

Types of awnings

There are mainly two types of awnings. Stationary awnings are those that do not need to be removed every now and again. Once they are fitted, they remain like that all year round. Then there are retractable awnings that can be removed easily or some parts can be removed and replaced at any time. These also come in two kinds;

• Retractable side or drop awnings
• Retractable lateral arm awnings

Replacing awnings fabrics

It is said that nothing lasts forever; in the same way, awnings fabrics may tear with time and become less attractive prompting the need for replacement. Moreover, one can decide to replace the whole awning if most sections are worn out and is beyond repair. On the other hand, instead of replacing the whole awning, one can simply replace individual parts and sections. However, this can only be suitable if the extent of the damage is not much.


What causes the need for replacement of awnings fabrics?

Harsh weather conditions such as extreme sunshine and rain may cause tear on the awnings fabrics bringing about the need to replace that fabric. Introduction of modern and more diverse designs of different awning fabrics may cause one to feel like it is time to replace their old awnings fabric. Accidents such as fires may destroy the fabric of the awnings and it becomes inevitable to replace the awnings fabric. For retractable awnings that use electricity to operate, there can be issues with the electrical equipment that can destroy the fabric hence need to replace the awnings fabric.

When should awning fabrics be replaced?

In as much as old is gold, old awning fabrics should be replaced as they become ugly and may not serve their function well. Stop insisting on an old fabric that is beyond any repair. If the tear on an awning fabric becomes bigger and easily visible then it is high time to replace it to avoid embarrassment and more costs in the future. When one realizes that they spend more money and time on repairing the fabrics then it is simply better to completely replace it once and for all. Instead of repairing the fabric every month, why not get a replacement that can last you for years?

Professional replacement of awning fabrics

If you want to get your awning fabrics replaced, then it is better to consult a professional awning company that has been in the market for long with years of experience. You will be sure to receive excellent service in good time for your money. You may seek the services of the company that put up the awning for you or choose an alternative company. The company may decide to replace your awning fabric at your precise location or they may need to do the replacement elsewhere first before fixing it on your building. The awning company may even request you to purchase an entirely new awning if the frame of your awning is bad, to prevent further damage.

Costs incurred when replacing awning fabrics

A number of people fear replacing their awning fabrics due to the market prices currently. However, this should not worry you as you can get yours replaced at an affordable price depending on the method you use.


Here is a breakdown of what you will need to pay for;

• You will need to buy a new fabric to replace the previous one.
• You will be charged labor for the workers either for the number of hours they work or for the whole service together.
• You may need to pay for cleaning of the awning after the replacement has been done.
• For workers on site, you may need to provide meals and transport to and from your location.


Awnings have made life easier and more comfortable in Singapore. They have improved businesses and homes for almost everyone. However, they need to be taken care of so that they can serve their purpose well. Get your awnings fabric replaced by a professional and consider all factors before choosing a suitable method for you. When the need to replace the fabric of your awning arises, heed to it and do the replacement as soon as possible.



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