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9 Awesome Facts On Awning Installation

Awning installation is one of the most important home improvement facets that befit luxurious living. It enhances the comfort of the home in a way that nothing else can. Here are 10 awesome facts on awning installation in your home in Singapore.

Awning Installation

1. Awning installation is regulated by the Singapore government to ensure best practices. You must fill an application for permit to install awning. In this application, you declare that you wish to install a certain type of awning and state its length, location, color of fabric, date of installation and the contractor concerned. You also agree to abide by the replacement requirements when the awning is faulty. Some of these requirements are:

· - The awning must be of retractable type, in most cases.
· -The awning must be kept in proper conditions at all times. It must not be torn, tattered, sagging or discolored.
· - Aluminum flashing should be fitted between the beam and the roller tube of the awning to prevent leaking whenever it rains.
· - All the installation specifications and measurements must be adhered to the latter.
· - One should install the awning only after approval has been obtained. If you install the awning without permission, it can be removed.

2. Awnings allow the owners of buildings to control the weather accordingly. Though Singapore does not have extreme weather conditions like winter, installing an awning allows the homeowner to keep away from the hot scorching sun when it is sunny and passing showers when it is cold. Keeping cold in particular when it is hot is important as it cuts down air conditioning expenses. Awnings also allow natural light to enter the house, keeping it illuminated and shiny. Windows can have an extended lifespan with the installation of awnings and the TV and computer screen glare is reduced a great deal by installing awnings.

3. Installing awnings creates a sheltered playground for children and pets. Awnings are great for allowing children to play outdoors without fearing the effect of the scorching sun. Pets also enjoy the environment created by awnings because they are able to get a conducive environment for playing without worrying about extreme weather conditions. There is no better joy to a homeowner than to make a home that creates an ambiance of relaxation and quirky playfulness to all its occupants

4. The Singapore Civil Defense Force also stipulates that there is no control on the material of the awning. Moreover, separation between the awning and the nearer edge of the exit staircase discharge path is not required, meaning that it is easy to install an awning that blends well with the architectural design of the home. The specifications of the installation of awnings depend on the projection of the awnings, further allowing more flexibility to the homeowners.

5. Installation of awnings increases usefulness and versatility of patios and decks. Actually, installing an awning adds space to your home without you having to construct an extra room. This space creates an aura of rest and relaxation which adds pleasure and satisfaction to homeowners as if the heavenly angels have shown them the direct path to paradise. Additionally, awnings placed on patios protect outdoor furniture from getting damaged.

Awning Installation

6. Installations of awnings are done by experienced technicians. Only experienced and certified technicians are allowed to install awnings in homes because they have the technical know-how that is required by law to ensure that the entire process is successful. The relevant building codes must also be adhered to when installing awnings to ensure safety and security to the homeowner. The user’s manual is also made available to homeowners. Furthermore, with new installations come warranty information for frame, fabric and motor warranty. All these are to the benefit of the homeowner.

7. The contractor who is responsible of installing the awning takes full responsibilities for any damages or defects that may occur in connection with the installation, meaning that the homeowner is safe at all times. He also undertakes to carryout repairs or rectification work as deemed necessary by the relevant authorities at his own expense. These rules are put in place to guarantee safety and to keep malpractice in this field at bay.

8. According to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, the R&R costs incurred on canopies or awnings (retractable or non-retractable) generally qualify for S14Q deduction if they do not affect the structure of your business premises. R&R costs are costs incurred in order to renovate or refurbish business premises in order to attract new customers and meet the goals of the business. To help businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, reduce business costs. This is a step in the right direction for business owners who envision installing awnings in their business premises, especially so in these tough economic times when financial crises do not cease to rock the world economy.

9. Installation of awnings has undergone reforms and refinements and still continues to do so. Modern installations are far much better than those of the past and the future is bright. Currently, there are awnings that perfectly match the architectural designs of modern buildings and with every new style of construction comes a corresponding style of installation of awnings.

In a nutshell, installation of both residential and commercial awnings comes with a myriad of advantages. The aforementioned facts encapsulate the usefulness of awnings in both residential and commercial settings. They are just a tip of the iceberg as more useful awning styles are being invented every day. These are facts, and remember facts are stubborn things.


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