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What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Choosing Awning?

Awnings will provide architectural beauty to your house and in addition, protect the window frames from sun or rain. Mostly window panes and window frames will be made of wood. Even after you have sufficiently coated the wood with polish, it will easily deteriorate when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The durability of the furniture near the window or the door will reduce when exposed to harsh weather. Using an awning to protect them can reduce their quality deterioration.


Why should I get an awning?

Awnings are valuable and they will make your house to stand out from the others around your area. It will add style in the house and also work in reducing the energy costs by blocking the direct sun rays. This will result in your house being cooler and therefore reducing the air conditioning costs. Further the quality material used in the making of awning requires less maintenance and it will remain stylish and provide you with a cooling effect for a long time.

What are the different types of awnings?

Retractable patio/deck awning

They are popular choice due to their range of flexibility. The awnings can efficiently provide shading and also protect you from extreme heat while increasing your outdoor living space. Having a larger exterior space is a great benefit to you as you will get an opportunity to entertain your family and friends in any weather condition. You can also motorize the awnings meaning that you can easily control and deploy them easily with the push of a button. Generally, there are two types of patio awning: retractable and stationary/fixed awning. The stationary awnings have a fixed flame, which requires manual adjustments when rolling them up. Retractable awnings are motorized or even linked with optional wind and sun sensors. They easily expand when sunny and retract when the wind is plenty.

Window awnings

These awnings are available in the market in both traditional and contemporary styles. They are suitable for modern homes. Moreover, you may purchase a motorized one or those that will require you to use a rope or tape cord lock.

Canopy awning

Its fixed type of awnings which provide more permanent feature than what you may experience with a retractable awning. They are mostly suitable for businesses and restaurants wanting to accentuate the entry front or a particular window.

How do I choose an awning?

Always select an awning that will accentuate particular features. If you happen to be a business person in need of enticing any potential customers to enter into your store or browse the window display, then the canopy awnings will be suitable for this purpose. You will get awnings in variety of fabric and colors and therefore you will require selecting the awning that will compliment with the color and style of your home. Considering where to install the awning is important as this will ensure that the awning provides the maximum space and protection.

. Consider your size need

Start by measuring the area that the awning will cover. Most awning manufacturers will produce awnings enough to cover different square areas. The awning you select should be enough to cover your required area.

. Decide on a fixed awning or a retractable one

Retractable awnings are appealing as you can pull them to allow activities like stargazing, to allow sunlight into your restaurant or to prevent extreme weather conditions like high wind. Fixed awnings especially those made of aluminum are appealing for someone looking for a permanent home addition or a low cost awning.


. Motorized or hand crank awning

If you decide on a retractable awning, you will now select a motorized awning which will retract after pressing a button or a hand crank awning.

. Decide on the style and appearance

The awning you select for your home will influence the style and appearance of the home for many years to come. Therefore when doing the purchase, consider the awning that will match the existing color in your home or business.

Choosing the best awning color for your restaurant

Restaurants awnings are important as they will protect your customers from harshness of sun or rain. If you happen to select the right color of awning for your restaurants then you will get more additional benefits. What should you do when selecting the awning color for your restaurant?

. Start by identifying the theme of the restaurant

You will have followed a certain theme when coloring your restaurant and therefore when selecting the awning color you should select one that matches that theme. Failure to do that, you will easily contrast the colors of the restaurant and those of the awning. Additionally, you should ensure that the color of the awning complements the color you have used inside your restaurant.

. Ensure that it matches with the brand of your restaurant

Any brand will be associated with one or set of colors. Therefore, if you think of having a brand color for your restaurant, then consider the brand color when purchasing the awning. That way you will easily establish your identity and also easily market your brand image.

. Consider the weather conditions in your area

The awning is the first thing a person in the restaurant or standing somewhere across the road will notice first. Therefore consider selecting an awning that will make your restaurant stand out among other restaurants. The first time a customer spots a unique color, he/she will be attracted to it. To select the best color it is always important to start by observing what awning colors people around you have selected for their restaurants. Having done that, you will easily select a unique color for your restaurant and also avoid choosing a color that will confuse your customers.

. Consider the best awning material

When choosing the best color, consider the material. The material is important as some colors will look better on some materials. For example, all colors will look different on a metal surface compared with the colors on a fabric. Some colors will be suitable for use on fabrics awnings and others will be perfect when on metal awnings. If you happen to have selected the material then consider the best color to suite that material.


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