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A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding The Many Different Forms Of Awnings

There are many benefits to using awnings at home, especially for protection against the sun and rain. Awnings are commonly utilized as canvasses or roofs that are usually placed on the different locations outside the house to protect a certain area. Using this furnishing can be highly useful for different occasions and purposes especially when there is a need to build a canopy without investing on more expensive materials such as cement, tiles, roofs or other kinds of home foundation.

Different Forms Of Awnings

Different Types of Awnings According to Material


These kinds of awnings are breathable and allow more air to pass through in and outside of your home. They are strong enough to shade you from the harmful rays of the sun especially when you are planning on using one for your deck or patio. Polyester awnings are waterproof and are usually flexible.


 Cotton awnings are usually used in combination with polyester. However, there are also awnings made of 100% cotton. This kind of awning is light and machine-washable. This is also ideal for patios by the pool or mainly as a mock-up tent in the outdoors.


Vinyl awnings are durable when it comes to smoke and fire. They are also waterproof, making them great additions to barbecue sheds especially during hot or rainy days. They hung tightly on their frames but in the long run, their prints tend to fade.


Acrylic awnings are heavier but are more resistant to fading. They are also capable of keeping water away although they may sometimes not be 100% waterproof. These kinds of awnings are breathable and highly recommended for homes experiencing too much sunlight and humidity as the material allows the air to circulate underneath.

Different Types of Awnings According to Installation:

These kinds of awnings are usually rolled up and down manually. For cleaning, these awnings can be dusted and wiped for maintenance. They are flexible and can be stored away when not in use.


Portable awnings are lightweight and are mostly recommended for outdoor canopies and poolside shades since they can be moved around from one place to the other. Though not commonly used in homes, these kinds of awnings are still helpful for those who need to protect outdoor furnishings from the sun and rain. Like retractable awnings, they can also be put away for storage.


For long turn and more high-intensity use, stationary awnings are usually made of the finest quality materials since they are placed permanently on top of a deck or any open area at home. These kinds of awnings are built to last stronger temperature changes and are custom-made to fit a certain area.


Motorized awnings are more expensive yet sturdy. These are usually controlled by switch which stores and retracts the entire item. These are highly popular since they are more convenient for use and storage because there is only a need to push a single button for control.

Different Forms Of Awnings

Different Types of Awnings According to Shape:

These are awnings that are draped vertically on an area like a tarpaulin. Straight awnings are usually utilized in homes which are directly hit by the rain or sunlight especially when there is no protection or cover on the sills. These kinds of awnings are commonly seen on garages or on gates.


Resembling a triangle shape on windows, decks and doors, sloped awnings help create an illusion of depth and thickness on the walls. These kinds of awnings are compatible for keeping raindrops away from directly hitting the edge of home since the water tend to slide all the way down the slope.


Waterfall awnings are commonly recognized for their outward curve appearance, resembling a stream of water that is falling on the edge of a cliff. Waterfall awnings look great as ornaments especially since they appear styled and well-designed. These are commonly seen in windows and doors as they help create an impact on an otherwise drab-looking surface.


These are usually referred to as awnings having an inner curve, opposite to the waterfall type. These kinds of awnings help reduce the tension on the fabric especially during a rain since it follows the normal pattern of the falling water minus the tension.


Dome-shaped awnings are usually seen in umbrella and tent designs mainly because they have a common focal point at the center which is raised compared to the rest. This form is usually observed in portable awnings.

Different Forms Of Awnings

Benefits of Using Awnings at Home

Of course, awnings are used for protecting a certain area of the home from rain and extreme heat from the sun. Having these kinds of furnishings can also lessen damage on the area of the home being covered. This includes the house paint, windows, doors and furniture (for patios and decks).


Design and style comes secondary as most awnings come with various prints, designs, forms and material. Striped awnings are usually popular especially when used as an accessory on an otherwise dull-looking house area. Plain-looking awnings with singular colors add a sense of formality especially when used on homes painted with dominant colors.


Awnings can serve as an additional extension of the home and also as a place for relaxation. Acrylic awnings make great deck covers especially for homes who want to use the area as a place of relaxation and recreation for the whole family.

Ideal Places at Home where Awnings Can Be Used

· Patios and decks:
Patios and decks can serve as extensions of the house where the family can sit around, lounge and play some indoor games without suffering from the heat of the sun or intense rain.

· Poolside:

With a portable awning in place, the entire family can relax and take a shade after having a dip on the pool.

· Windows and doors:

Awnings help protect doors and windows from the direct and damaging rays of the sun or the rain beating down the sills and furnishings.

· Backyards:

Setting up a barbecue grill on the backyard can be a good place to bond with friends and family to eat and share stories without going out.

Awnings can make a lot of difference on your home especially when it comes to functionality. It can turn a dull corner into a stylish shelter that can help protect all your other furnishings and even keep you and your family dry and cozy.



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