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Pros & Cons On Installing Glass Canopy

Canopies which are usually constructed at door entrances provide attractive nature to the entire building. It provides a protective nature to the people entering the building. In line with that, it also keeps bad weather like rain from entering the building.

Glass Canopy

It rains occassionally in Singapore. The high humid conditions and thunderstorm encourages installation of glass canopies.


• Gives a unique edge to the building hence attracts customers.

Singapore is an urban center. Industries have been set-up hence competition for client is on a high note. Glass canopy which is constructed on a commercial building, retail stores and shopping centers, act as a focal point to customers.

A stylish entrance canopy with seats provides a scenic seating and leaning area. You can construct a glass walkway that joins two buildings or around the front of the building. This provides a dry walk walkway for passers-by. These passers-by browse through your products under a shielded area. Hence, you are marketing your products.

• Highlighting key locations

Apart from its impressive nature, it makes the area more prominent to your clients or visitors. They effectively highlight the most key area on your building.

For instance, when your building has many entrances, if you include a glass canopy to your main entrance door, it will be easier for new customers to identify it.

• Harsh weather protection

November is known to be the wettest month while April the warmest. Rainfall is almost a daily phenomenon. Strong glass canopies are capable of withstanding heavy rains or harshest wind. For instance, Western parts of Singapore which experiences high rainfall.

When used at the entrance of a building, it provides a shelter for visitors who are stuck outside due to heavy rains. A part from acting as a shed, glass canopy protects the building. It ensures that the building remains dry and strong.

It also offers protection by shielding doors from strong gusts which may potentially cause a serious damage. The glass is made in such a way that it can with stand any form of weather.

• Cost effective

Installing a glass canopy seems slightly more expensive as compared to structured constructed by use of Perspex, plastic of fiberglass.

But the durability of glass canopy and its lifetime last will reduce the maintenance cost. For the case of plastic, they may lose transparency and also discolor quite quickly. Hence, immediate and regular replacement will be required.

• For maximum light entrance

Glass canopy will allow maximum light to enter the area that is being shielded. Hence, it improves the overall design and look of the building. It also ensures coolness of the place.

• Advertising

With glass canopy, you can apply graphic design technology at the entrance. The graphics can focus mainly on advertising the products inside the building. Hence there is no need of adding sign structures.

• Energy saving

The hot humid nature of Singapore (located 1® North of the equator) makes glass canopy the best. It saves energy and protects furniture, carpets and floors from fading. Glass doors and windows in typical home/office, transfers more energy.

Filmed/ tinted glass canopy saves this energy. Direct heat gain reaching inside the building is reduced by 55 to 65%.

• Protection against UV rays

For instance when used in learning institutions, it provides a better environment of learning.

Most students prefer taking their personal studies outside classrooms. Hence, the prance of the glasses prevents UV light from reaching them. Most restaurants erect these structures to offer a cool environment to its customers.

Glass Canopy


• Increased building cost

Typically, to manufacture these glasses requires a lot of energy due to the high temperature needed for processing the raw materials. The raw material is also expensive. Hence, they are expensive to purchase. As a result the cost of building shoots up.

• Rigid and brittle

Glass breaks without significant when subjected to stress. The sharp pieces may also cause injuries. It’s also hard to withstand any load applied on it. Hence you have to install with care.

• Non resistive t alkaline ions

The alkaline solution dissolves glasses. If ion supply is sufficient, corrosion will automatically occur.

• Glass installation will also lead to high cost of security.

They should be guarded to prevent being stoned or affected by unnecessary load directed on them.

• Unsafe for earthquake.

There are no earthquake proof glasses. So cost treatment is required to withstand against earthquakes.

• High cost of operating air conditioners.

This is due its poor heat preservation.

• High cost when it comes to frequent cleaning of the glasses.

Some paints may take up to 5 years for repainting. As compared to frequent cleaning of the glasses, the cost now increases for this case.

• High rate of heat absorption.

Singapore is a hot environment when it comes to moth of May-July. They bring in a greenhouse effect hence unsuitable for warm/hot climates. Hence more AC loads for air conditioning. As a result, more energy is required to run the ACs.

• Difficult to install as compared to fabric canopies.

Substantial support system is mostly required. It also requires high profession for installation.



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