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Pros & Cons On Installing Poly-carbonate Canopy

In recent days, polycarbonate product is widely used by a large population of individuals. Industries and individuals prefer polycarbonate product because of its tough nature, attractive look, and ultraviolet resistant capability. In addition, it is a perfect material for construction requirements as well as security proposes. For individuals who are planning to use a polycarbonate canopy for special purposes, then it is fundamental to understand all the pros and cons of polycarbonate so as to decide whether you will go ahead.

Poly Carbonate Canopy

Below are pros and cons of a poly-carbonate canopy, which an individual should put into consideration before planning to select Polycarbonate material:

Pros of polycarbonate canopy

1. Strong and unbreakable

Polycarbonate canopy is strong in terms of quality and unbreakable when it comes to its strength. In regard to strong and unbreakable Polycarbonate polymer, leading security companies prefer using it in the preparation of bulletproof windows and police shields. In addition, offices, banks, and fences also use this kind of windows due to its strength. Professionals who manufacture bulletproof cars use some few layers of Polycarbonate material so as to provide the needed strength of glass.

2. Light in weight

A Polycarbonate material is light in terms of weight compared to acrylic, glass, or plastic materials. This is advantageous because it makes it more portable meaning it is easier to transport from one destination to another compared to other materials. In addition, it is easy to install thus reducing the labor cost and the trouble incurred in installation.

3. Blocks the ultraviolet rays

A Polycarbonate glass can be used in all places regardless of the intensity of sunlight without any fear of ultraviolet rays from the sun. A transparent screen made of Polycarbonate material is not only strong but also it does not block the natural light when preventing the ultraviolet rays. It is fundamental to have this glass because you will be able to enjoy sunlight with no worry about the harmful ultraviolet rays.

4. Resistant to temperature

Polycarbonate canopy can be used in any harsh climatic conditions because they are highly resistant to cold and heat. Individuals should not shy from using these materials even if the atmospheric conditions are extremely harsh. Therefore, a Polycarbonate canopy can be installed on a mountain or a desert with no doubt.

Cons of a Polycarbonate canopy

1. These materials are expensive

This can be termed as one of the major disadvantage facing a Polycarbonate canopy. The cost of a Polycarbonate material is extremely high compared to plastic, glass, or other similar materials. In addition, a large number of individuals compare the high cost of a Polycarbonate material with Acrylonitrile Butadiene-styrene or ABS which are also very tough in nature but they're of low cost. High cost acts as a major disadvantage of Polycarbonate material which limits individuals on using it.

2. Require a lot of maintenance

It has been previously stated that they Polycarbonate materials are strong and unbreakable but if an individual does not take good care they can get scratches and abrasive problems. In addition, lack of good care, especially on the surface can lead to denting and breakages. It should also be noted that a Polycarbonate material is very sensitive when it comes to solvents and cleaners. An individual should choose cleaning subject wisely because these cleaners and solvents can cause some damages when used in cleaning a Polycarbonate material.

Poly Carbonate Canopy

3. Environmentally unfriendly

A Polycarbonate product requires extremely high temperature and chemical substances to create thus making it harmful for human and the environment. It is therefore advisable that individuals should take precaution while creating Polycarbonate material to avoid health problems. It should, therefore, be noted that due to lack of environmental friendliness of a Polycarbonate material acts as a major disadvantage.

A Polycarbonate canopy is resistant to signs of aging which include yellowing and discoloration allowing it to look brand new for a long duration of time. Installation of Polycarbonate canopy is simple, but as with other materials, it's essential to select the right material for the perfect application. This allows you to understand the selected material and how to install it safely. If you're a singapore resident, you should weigh between the advantage and disadvantages to determine whether to have polycarbonate panels or not.



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